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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kilowattradio, Jun 30, 2010.

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    I just received a Power Mac G-5 for 1.6 GHz @ $135 and I am trying to figure out which version I have. The model on the bottom is A1047 EMC: 1969. But there is no serial number on it that I can find. Can anyone recommend a good manual or book for this computer? I thought the PMac came with a dial up internal modem, but this doesn't have one. Airport wireless has a indicator light, but it is not installed.
    I really need a good manual or book all about the Power Mac G-5 so if some one can recommend one that would help me out a lot.

    BTW, I opened up the computer and the inside is spotless so either I am just lucky or Apple made a computer that doesn't allow dust to invade and take over it like my Dell. :apple: :D
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    If it starts up, open the Apple menu on the upper-left hand corner. Select "About This Mac" then select "More info..." on the pane that pops up. This opens the System Profiler. On the main page, find the "Model Identifier" and post that here, please.

    EDIT -
    Just checked your signature. Looks like you're already a Mac user, but the above stands with less hand-holding. :)
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    HERE is how to locate the serial number printed on the computer itself. Any 1.6GHz model is from the original Powermac G5 series released in June 2003 and discontinued one year later.

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