identifying smd component on logic board?

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    hello all,

    i am trying to repair an a1181 2009 macbook which has suffered a liquid spill. before cleaning with 99% isopropyl, the logic board would power up the cpu fan and the front led but failed to post, so i thought the outlook was pretty good for once cleaned up. however, during the cleaning process, despite being gentle with a soft brush one of the components on the board was easily brushed off and lost. now when connected to a power source, the magsafe light flickers green / orange (even with no battery connected) and does not spin up the fan or front led.

    i have obtained a working board from the same model for reference as i don't have access to any schematics, and even if i did i don't really understand how to read them (it does have a different processor however, the working one is a 2.13 and the broken one a 2.0, but both are 2009 5,2 models so the layout of the board looks the same and i think the components are identical, cpu excepting).

    i have tested the component on the working board with some smd tweezers in auto-detect mode, which suggest it is 3.44nF - though I'm new to component level repair so I don't know whether this can be trusted, or what it means other than it thinks it is a capacitor? is this correct? and please could somebody who understands this explain what component i need to buy to replace the missing one? i think it is 0402 size smd, but other than i don't know where to begin?


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