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    I am recent convert to mac and mobileme. I love having the idisk folder on my mac so that I can just drag and drop and everything syncs automatically. I really need to be able to do the same with a pc. With work, I have to use a pc and would love to have a folder I can drop files into and have it sync automatically as it does on the mac.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can do this? Is there some software I can use to do it?

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    I personnally use Dropbox to achieve what you say. it offers 2GB for free and comes with a client that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Basically it will create a virtual disk on you machine and will automatically sync any files, folder, photos you put it in. Those files will go in you private account online and replicate on all the machines connected to that account in a matter of seconds.

    it also keeps as backup any modification you may have created on a documents; Those modification do no count toward you quota. it also enable you to retrieve files or folders you may have accidentally deleted.

    Hope this helps
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    thanks for the suggestion of Dropbox - it seems ideal for what i want. It would make mobileme pointless for me however. I do not understand why apple would not have a client that can be used on mac and pc. How hard would it be - I do not want to drop mobileme as I like the iphone integration and I like using apple products.

    But I have to make file storage and access as seamless as possible.
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