Idk what this means!


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May 9, 2010
Amsterdam, NL
I really definitely do not know what this means, is that bad? My laptops been running a bit slow but I don't know what this. lol! Can someone explain to me? Thanx!
Nothing to worry about. If your hard drive passes the health test (verify disk) than everything is probably okay.

I suggest doing a clean install as that will sort everything out. If it still appears to be slow, the hard drive might kick the bucket soon.

Don't get scared off by the numbers you see. When this occurs something always should to be 80 and is 0. Haha. :D (what you see in the error description)


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Aug 28, 2009
what were you doing in there anyway?
There is a school of folks out there who think Repairing Permissions is a valid system maintenance or troubleshooting technique.

This gets passed onto the less than clueful, as evidenced here.