iDVD '05, external burners, SVCDs

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Yvan256, Jan 14, 2005.

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    Jul 5, 2004
    I just read on the page for iDVD '05 that it now supports writing to an image file. If they mean a standard ISO file, does it mean one could edit video on a Mac mini, build the DVD, write to an image file, transfer to a PC and then write the DVD? (assuming one would buy the Mac mini without the "expansive SuperDrive" option)

    Also, I've read about the "right-click on the Burn Disc" options, which are supposed to give you the choice to either write a disc image or select any additionnal device (such as an external drive).

    My brother would be very happy to buy a dual-layer, LightScribe-capable DVD burner (both of these aren't available options for the Mac mini, nor any current Mac if I'm not mistaken). Even if he has to do "Camera DV -> Mac mini editing -> PC burning", that would be a great improvement for him.

    And if he dumps the PC later on, he could then install his DVD burner in an external FireWire enclosure and connect it to the Mac mini directly.

    And my last question is, is it possible to make SVCDs with iDVD? If the whole project can fit in 700MB, will iDVD simply "burn the DVD to a CD-R" or will it absolutely refuse to write to a CD, even though the data would fit?

    Oh, and two more things...
    - Would an external FireWire HD (3.5", 7200 RPM) be faster than the internal 2.5", 4200 RPM of the Mac mini?
    - Would there by any problems with using a FireWire hub to be able to connect his DV camera, an external DVD burner and an external HD? (assuming two situations, one where he's dropping the DV data to the internal Mac mini HD, and the other situation where he's dropping the DV data to the external FW-connected HD).

    The last question may seem strange, but his Celeron 700 PC usually drops quite a few frames in the DV->PC transfer unless he made a defrag in the last few days... I never understood why his PC drops frames though, isn't FireWire a data connection? What's with the dropped frames?!

    That's a lot of questions, I know. But I'd like to have answers for my brother who keeps asking questions about video editing, and now about that Mac mini too. :D

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