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Mar 14, 2012
I have a late 2010 iMac running Lion and am strongly considering a Mavericks upgrade to take advantage of functionality with my iPhone 5 and iPad Air.

I have the need for burning home movies created in iMovie to iDVD. Ignoring the fact that there is quite a bit of disagreement over whether Apple should support iDVD or not, the fact is, I will need it for the foreseeable future.

A simple Google search regarding iDVD compatibility with Mavericks yields quite a plethora of opinions. The usual horror stories about no compatibility and then others who report things as just fine. The situation seems to be complicated by the apparent elimination of the option to share out of iMovie v.10 to iDVD.

So trusting this forum as I have in the past, I am wondering the following:
1.) If I upgrade to Mavericks and leave everything else alone (i.e. keep iMovie 9.09), should iMovie and iDVD continue to function as usual?
2.) If I upgrade to Mavericks, and then to iMovie v.10 at some point in the future, what is the protocol for getting movies out of iMovie to iDVD?

Sorry if this is confusing or sounds nit picky. I just like to understand what I'm up against in terms of operational issues, before I upgrade to any new OS.

Thanks for the help.


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Jul 8, 2011
Stick with iMovie 9.0.9 and iDVD. Both work fine with Mavericks. I use then with no issues. You can upgrade to iMovie 10 and a copy of iMovie 9.0.9 will be moved to a folder when 10 is installed. You will then have the previous and new versions. Keep Both Versions.

I recommend not using iMovie 10 with iDVD. Continue to use the previous version of iMovie with iDVD. Have not tried using the new version of iMovie with iDVD as of yet, because the old version continues to work perfect.

I am not a big fan of iMovie 10 yet, but am trying to use it here and there. Just make sure you are completely up to date with your current version of iMovie before you install Mavericks as you will not be able to update version 9 after. It will only want to install 10.

Dave Braine

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Mar 19, 2008
Warrington, UK
If you do try iMovie10, and the option to Share with iDvd is not available, then just export your Project from iMovie as a video file, and then you can just drop that into an iDVD Project window.
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