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    Nov 23, 2006
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    Hi, I was burning a dvd in iDVD and it came up with an error when it was rendering the movie. Then I tried to burn again but then it says not enough disk space space so I restarted but still the same error not enough disk space then I click on the arrow to it says you need 17170052367 GB of disk space.
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    Aug 30, 2006
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    I suspect you have some items in one or more of your chapter menus that are set to run for a very long time. For example, if you a chapter button that isset up to preview the chapter, iDVD will try to render the whole chapter in the chapter menu! You can change the maxium length of time that is rendered right in the Menu tab.
  3. movielady, Jun 1, 2011
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    Jun 1, 2011
    I know idvd can only handle 2 hours worth of video, so my imovie project is 1:56:06 but every time I try to export to idvd I get the "unable to export, project length too long" error. so my question is "Is there another parameter that I am not aware of?" Or can I export in another format and then add it to idvd (with the chapter markers still in tack)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Look in iDVD's Project menu under Project Info. You have the option of adjust the quality of your project to fit it on a standard dvd, or selecting to use a dual layer disc for longer projects.

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