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    Hey guys. Everytime i write on these forums there is always someone who can give some decent advice and help me. So thanks in advance. just please dont give me any of that search function crap that has ruined this site for about the past year.

    I have been trying to use Idvd to burn a dvd. The file that needed to be encoded was an AVI. I set it to widescreen and am burning it to a Dual layer dvd. It didn't want to encode at first but I narrowed it down to a third party Divx component but now when it gets to step 4 the Multiplexing and formatting step it rushes through the multiplexing section then gives me the error Error Formatting. I tried to make is a disc image but it gave me the same error. I assume its no problem with the disc because the disc image didn't work and it encoded fine because under project info it says done and it is past that part. I am at my wits end with this and just need a reliable burning program with dvd menus. If anyone has any way I can get this to work or recommend a freeware program. Also where does Idvd store its encoded files that way I wont have to re-encode the avi file.

    Thanks again in advance.
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    Feb 27, 2007
    Convert your movie to MPEG-4 or DV, which will work fine with iDVD.

    If you are looking for a freeware application, check out MPEG StreamClip:

    Open up your video with MPEG StreamClip, then go to File > Export to DV... or Export to MPEG-4...

    Personally, I would choose DV. It always works. The only setback is file size.

    If MPEG StreamClip causes problems or does not work, then take a look at VisualHub (PM me if you want VisualHub).

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