IDVD Problem - DVD not working on all T.V's &/ or DVD players?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by T-BILLIONS, Jun 27, 2010.

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    I'm trying to make a wedding invitation using the iMovie and iDVD software on my mac. I have tried numerous things to make it work right but I'm having little luck.

    Basically I have tried all of the following. I have exported from iMovie in both standard and high quality to quicktime and even using the standard iMovie format I've used those files to make DVD's in iDVD. I originally burned the DVD's as NTSC, widescreen with low quality without knowing and later found and changed the region settings to PAL, standard and professional quality.

    So far everything I've done still has the same out come. The DVD won't play on some DVD players; The DVD will work & play fine on LCD and Plasma T.V's but wont work on the older tube T.V's. (chops off the top and bottom of the project/ DVD) The DVD's are dicksmith (Aus brand) DVD-R; Will changing the brand and or type of DVD help? Am I missing anything? Please help as it's for an important and urgent project.

    Kind Regards, Trev...

    P.S. The DVD's I've burned so far all work on the computers I've tested it on.

    Hope that made some form of sense???
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    What do you mean, they don't work on CRT TVs and only on flat panel TVs?

    Do you still use the same DVD player with all those TVs?

    Btw, Australia uses the PAL format.


    And you can you post specific settings for the projects in iMovie and iDVD and the exact export settings?

    And what versions of iDVD and iMovie are you using?

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