iDVD updated with iLife '11? iWeb is the same version

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by LimeiBook86, Oct 20, 2010.

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    It seems that Apple skipped out on any details of iWeb and iLife. However on the Apple store iLife '11 webpage they list iWeb is version 3.0.2 (the current version in iLife '09) and iDVD is now version 7.1. (an upgrade from the current 7.0.4)

    Now I use iDVD a lot and I'm aware of tons of bugs in the system from not being able to edit some titles or text in some themes, to a complete crash when swapping out elements of the DVD project.

    If iDVD has indeed been upgraded to version 7.1, I wonder if iLife '09 users will be treated to this update. The update is not major, this isn't a new program, just a small patch. I would assume 7.1 is only a bug fix and compatibility release to work with the other new apps in iLife. I pray they fixed some bugs in the program...

    What do you guys think? :)
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    I'm guessing you will have to buy the update but we'll see within a few hours if a update shows up in software update.

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