If HomePod succeeds what happens to Sonos?

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    If you scan news reports over the past couple of years there are many articles about how Apple should purchase Sonos. To be fair there are many articles about how Apple should acquire a multitude of well known companies. Apple's only huge purchase was Beats which no-one saw coming.

    Sonos quite clearly are concerned about the release of HomePod as they are offering two speakers for the price of one HomePod.

    If HomePod is a success for Apple (and defining this term will be tricky, see: Apple Watch) and sales of HomePod impacts sales of Sonos then I wonder whether Apple will decide to acquire Sonos for (far) less than it is worth now.

    There must be plenty of IP and data that Apple would love to get their hands on with Sonos. Similar to the probable reason Apple purchased Shazam.

    But if HomePod is a success I wonder whether Apple then releases different models of HomePod or a series of different speakers for different budgets.

    Certainly I feel that if HomePod is a success then Sonos is going to face difficulties in the future.
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    I have had a Sonos speaker for a couple of years. The sound is good but the software was buggy and difficult to use. I don't think they were very interested in supporting Apple and I will give my Sonos to my granddaughter . I ordered the Home Pod on day 1 and I am anxiously awaiting Feb 9th for its arrival. I did so for the sound, ease of use. I don't care about the gimmicks like Alexia. I just want a good music system that will play what I tell it to play.
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    The same question was asked about iCloud/Drop Box. I think there is room for both to exist.
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    However there has been speculation for a while now that Sonos is struggling financially. HomePod and other smart speakers may be the final straw. Would be a shame as I have 4 Sonos speakers in the House.
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    If HomePod is a success, people who use androids and want whole home audio will keep using Sonos and Bose.
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    What about those who have an Android, but also want to use Homepod?

    You could say that would hurt Apple, but how would that be any different than using Apple music with a non-iphone, when your still using Apple's icloud...

    Take the feel of both worlds.

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