If I install Snow Leopard....


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Apr 3, 2009
I am planning on installing a clean install of SL onto my iMac. I am backing my itunes library onto my Macbook Pro, actually trying to figure that out too. The iMac has been running slow lately and I just want a fresh install to clear out the 3 year old OS.

When I do this, will I have to reauthorize my itunes accounts? I'd rather not do this as i have several itunes accounts and I'm having trouble gaining access and Apple hasn't helped me yet over email so I may as well just call them up tomorrow.

Thanks for reading


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Jan 6, 2002
You will have to reauthorize if you Erase and Install, but if you just do a simple Install (which is mostly the same as an Archive and Install from previous OS versions) you won't. Depending on the issues you're having, that may or may not help.

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