Apple TV If i jailbreak my ATV, Will it be able to do these things?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by maf2k8, Oct 31, 2013.

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    Hello, I have a few questions about Jailbreaking a ATV ( I have a ATV 2 and a ATV 3 )

    Before i start looking in to doing it, I want to make sure that i will be able to do certain things with the ATV once i jailbreak it. I understand jailbreaking the ATV will give people features that Apple does not offer or allow? So with that said, Could anyone confirm if i Jailbreak my ATV2 or ATV3 will it be able to do anything listed below?

    Really, There are only 3 things i am interested in having my ATV do and if i still cannot do any of the 3 after a Jailbreak, Then i probably won't even bother with doing it.

    1) Are there any ATV apps or anything that will allow me to stream content from my Android device to my ATV once i jailbreak it? Kind of like how AirPlay works on the iPhone and how i can send movies, pics, etc to my ATV i am looking to do the same but with my Android to ATV.

    2) Is it possible to play Amazon Prime movies once i Jailbreak? or is that still not possible regardless of if its jailbroken? This is the ONLY reason i still own my Roku.

    3) I have all my movies in M4V/MP4 format in iTunes so i can watch them with my ATV, If i jailbreak, Will my ATV allow other formats other then M4V/MP4? and will i be able to stream movies in other formats from my iMac to my ATV? Its tiring to always have to use Handbrake to convert movies to M4V/MP4 so that i can import them into iTunes and am able to watch them on my ATV

    Thanks for your help!
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    You need to install XBMC on the ATV

    Question is if you can jailbreak your ATV. Only certain firmware on the ATV2 can be jailbroken. The ATV3 cannot be jailbroken.

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