If I jailbreak my iphone is there a way to get unlimited data?

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    Nov 13, 2014
    Hi, just joined this site, have a question for other jailbreakers. I don't have internet where I live, however, perfect 4G service but I only have a 2GB data plan with AT&T. I wanted to play xbox live, which I started to do so using the "personal hotspot" (AKA tethering) but I noticed it uses ALOT of data. I'm tired of paying these outrages prices and I heard if I jailbreak my IPhone I can get "PDANet/TetherMe" and do it for FREE. So my main question: If I jailbreak my iphone and purchase a jailbroken app, (pdanet or tetherme) I can use as much data as I want without being charged? So basically what it boils down to is, I'm paying for 2GB's of data/month, but I'm really tethering unlimitedly for free?

    (Sorry if what I'm saying is a bunch of Mumbo-jumbo, I'm new to jail breaking!)

    P.S. I also heard that these apps that cydia provides are made to cloak ur device so ur undetectable, but some people have claimed to have gotten caught by their service provider an threatened. If I set up a good working free VPN on my phone, will this help in masking my tethering?
    (iPhone 4S)

    Please help, thanks!!
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    Nov 13, 2014
    Really?.. Not at all? I mean idk if this is true but I have also heard of a tweak/app or something that tricks your cellular service into thinking it's wifi, which then gives u unlimited everything. Idk seemed possible, makes me frown upon jail breaking a little bit cuz I thought it was capable of doing the impossible from what I read. Lol
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    All traffic usage is monitored by the ISP at their end, what you want isn't possible on any phone.
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    Nov 13, 2014
  5. pdjudd macrumors 601

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    Jail braking cannot trick your cellular provider who knows what your data plan is and what types of traffic you are using. Nothing you can do can alter the fact that at some point your mobile provider knows that you are getting their data.

    Heck, even tricking your phone to register cellular as wifi wouldn’t matter - you are still using your cell companies IP information. How your phone registers it is irrelevant. It’s the equivalent of running a mi-fi. Wi-fi isn’t unlimited - your are still using the same pipe.

    If at any point you are using your cellular connection, your ISP is going to bill you for it. You cannot get around that unless you use a physically different connection.
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    Nov 26, 2016
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    Jail breaking has many other uses . If you don't know them research what jail breaking your phone can do for you , look on YouTube at best jailbreak tweaks for you iOS version . See what can be done and you can make your phone the way you want it as there are many different options for different people and what you want from your phone but what you are asking about here is not possible and the tweak the your are referring to as to making it think you are on wifi was used for some thing like FaceTime use to only allow a FaceTime call while on wifi on old iOS versions when facetime came out so to make it think you were on wifi allowed you to use FaceTime over cellular data rather then on wifi only . Not to get free data lol but do more research and you will know more about it and what you can do . In my opinion and many others that know what they are doing , jail breaking is the greatest thing I have ever done or got for my phone and I have been jail breaking almost since it started and I started on a iPhone 3 then 3GS and so on right up to the iPhone 6s Plus 128gb I am using now and all have been jail broken and still currently is and I will eventually upgrade to a jail broken iPhone 7 soon enough too :)
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    Seems like all that was basically already addressed a couple of years ago.

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