If i keep wifi on will it reduce battery power?

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by 55test55, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Short answer, yes. If you have it on and aren't using wifi, you're wasting battery life. If, however, you're at home or a wifi hotspot, you're better off with wifi than using 3G or EDGE.
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    It will reduce battery life if you are not using it but for anything Data wise it takes more power to use 3G than wifi.

    The amount of battery life you would loss using wifi will be negligible. Negligible in the sence that you with it on or off you should still get a well over 24 hours of use out of it. Chance are for most people they get more battery life out of using wifi than turning it off because pulling data on wifi is so much less than using 3g/Edge.
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    Is wifi still connected and running after the phone is put to sleep.
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    I believe it disconnects when the phone is not using any internet connect after a small period of time. Often times I try to load woot watch or istockmanager and it takes a while just for the wifi icon to pop up and connect then it starts to download from the web.
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    The only time it will use more battery power is if you use your phone for a long time without downloading anything (watching a movie).

    Even then, you probably wouldn't even notice any extra drain. Don't worry about turning it on or off constantly.

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