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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by EW800, May 15, 2014.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I do not have a ton of photos and videos on my iPhone 5, but there are a couple of hundred that I would prefer to not lose if I were to lose my iPhone or if it were to fail. If I want to ensure that I always have a back-up, do I need to have iCloud/Photos/My Photo Stream turned on or is there another method that my photos would be saved? It appears that I currently have My Photo Stream turned off.

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    Having photostream turned on and backing up to iCloud/iTunes frequently will be the best insurance policy.
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    Thanks much!

    I just turned on Photo Stream. I got a message that says "New photos will be automatically.... ". I take it that any photos I take from this point will go to the cloud, but now wondering if there is a way that all current photos would go through it as well.

    Thanks again!
  5. Apple blogger, May 15, 2014
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    My Photo stream may not be so good cause it just stores photos of last 1 month or so during which u need to save those some other place before they get deleted from the photostream.. Plus this stream will works only if You have an apple device like Mac or idevice..( no doubt they will still be on your camara roll after one month.. They just don't get stored in the cloud after 1 month) ..

    I would suggest, you, first, take a full backup of ur iphone on iTunes, and do it regularly... Every few weeks or months or so, transfer all your camara roll to your computer, so that even if ur phone gets lost, you still have them on your backup as well as on your computer..

    2nd.. If u want ur photos in the cloud.. Don't go for "my photostream" as I said it has a time limitation.. Instead, go for shared photostream.. Where, u can upload I think 1000 photos per stream and u can have around 20-30 photo streams which include videos from camara roll.. You'll need to make it public and save the link at a good place, which will make it accessible from any device which can visit web pages.....

    Next.. If u lost your iphone, and u want an immediate backup, you use iCloud backup, I presume 5 GB won't be enough, so ull have to pay additional for your backup every year... iCloud backs up all your photos, videos, file, practically your full operating system (except any thing that's transferred from your computer, like songs or movies..no limit.. Limit only is memory, which I think goes till 50Gb or more, can't recall..

    These are the 3 most efficient ways of backing up stuff .. Other options may include Dropbox or any other storage apps...but I recommend, these 3.. U can go for all the 3 together for the most security..
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    Keep a backup on your computer if you have one.
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    That and/or use one of many online (cloud) services where you can upload photos to (for backup purposes): Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Flickr, Google+, etc.
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    If you have a computer do a total backup. If the images are important, take care to have a backup without depending on an app or service.

    We also use DropBox but still back everything up on a computer at least once a month.
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    Create a Shared Photostream with only yourself and add all of them into it
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    1) Turn ON My Photo Stream
    2) Download iCloud Control Panel for Windows computers ( if you have a mac, just log into iPhoto ).

    NOTE: Photo Stream does have its limits:

    Clarification needed:
    1) Photo stream does indeed store your pics for 30 days, but only to push them to your other devices.
    2) You can download iCloud Control Panel for Windows computers as well. Once you download the program, login and TADA! all your pictures. You will have to save them somewhere as the stream will only keep the last 1000 pictures.

    More clarification:
    Photos are NOT counted in your backup limit

    Plugging in your device to a computer is soooooOOOoooo like 2007 :)
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  12. Apple blogger, May 16, 2014
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    Thank for the clarification :) ... But u got 1 thing wrong buddy.. Photos are counted on the storage.. The ones you click with ur phone are counted as camara roll in the backup..

    And a question about my photostream.. They remain in the cloud for 1 month, so if u have windows or Mac , they automatically push it to the memory of the hard drive or they get a different cloud folder ?

    And similarly on the ios devices, does my photos get downloaded on my devices directly, or they stay on the my photostream tab for 30 days during which I have to manually download?

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