If I remove a account from my computer will it remove every file compleatly?


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Dec 23, 2008
Ok so I realized that I only have 15 GB left so I went through and moved all the files I want to keep onto a external hard drive then was going to format my HDD, reinstall snow leopard then put the files back, 'cause I thought that formatting it would befaster than deleting over 120GB of stuff in the trash. But I can't find my snow leopard disk so I was thinking of creating a new account then deleting the one I use now. So I guess my question is would this work and will I gain back all of the space on my hard drive.


Sep 7, 2008
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So it will keep the library and application folder and the developer tools?
User accounts are stored in Macintosh HD / Users /. The system-wide Library, Applications and Developer folders are located at Macintosh HD / :

Macintosh HD / Library
Macintosh HD / Applications
Macintosh HD / Developer

So if you delete a folder insider Macintosh HD / Users / you won't delete a folder outside the Macintosh HD / Users / folder.

Mac OS X Directory Structure explained