iPod touch If There Is a 7" iPad Then....


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Aug 18, 2008
If a 7" iPad is released in September at a price under $400, I think that the price of iPods will drop. Heres my thinking: if a 7" iPad is released under $400 (which it would have to be unless they raise the price of the 9.7") then I feel that the iPod Classic will be discontinued, the Shuffle will be redesigned with the small touch screen with 4gb at $49. A new nano with be released at $89 for the 8gb/16gb and $119 for the 16gb/32gb model. The new Touch will be released at 16gb for $149, 32gb for $199 and 64gb for $249. None of this seems far fetched if the 7" iPad makes an appearance at the September event as 9to5mac suggests it will.http://9to5mac.com/node/20748 As for that 3" touchscreen iPod rumor I think its possible for it to be a new nano.


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Jun 28, 2004
Chicago, IL
Well, credit iLounge over 9to5Mac...

And no, the classic isn't going away. People still buy it. I'm considering my next iPod to be a classic if it's still around. If anything they'll cut out the high-end of the iPod touch to make room for it.

Regardless of what they could do, I don't see a 7" iPad in the works. No room for it.


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Apr 20, 2008
This is the way i see the iPod line going.

iPod Classic - Dies
iPod Touch - becomes just iPod, replaces Classic effectively, storage bumped, possibly a little thicker to get closer to classic's 120/160Gb
iPod Nano - Gains 3" Screen, slim as possible, sticks to 8/16Gb
iPod Shuffle - Might get that tiny touchscreen, unsure though


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Jul 25, 2010
Those prices are way too low. If they were going to make a 7" iPad then they would probably sell it at a lower price, but not that low. Maybe $50 less, so $450. If that was the case, then I could see...

iPod Shuffle: new colors, price: $50/$70
iPod Nano: possible new design, upgrade in capacity, price: $120/$150
iPod Classic: possible new design, keep same price
iPod Touch: new design, camera(s), gyro, price: $199/$250/$350

Maybe retina on all of the devices, or just the high end models. They shouldn't kill the Classic because some people still want the simplicity of the clickwheel while also having big storage capacities.


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Jul 4, 2008
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iPod classic - stays.
iPod nano - new design, features, colors.
iPod shuffle - new design, features, colors.
iPod touch - new design, gyro sensor, features, etc.

All iPods either stay at the same capacity or get larger.

There will be no 7" iPad. Why? Who would buy the 7" over the 10"? And vice versa? That's like making a 11.6" MBA while still selling the 13.3" MBA. Every distinct screen size has a specific set of hardware. Like the 13" MBP and 15" MBP. Some people need the discrete graphics, they buy the 15". Unless there is some special feature specific to the 7" model or something that differentiates it from the 10", there will be no 7" iPad.
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