If they are released at the same time, will you still go with 4.7" or the 5.5"?

If there is no delay for either model, which new iPhone would you get?

  • 4.7"

    Votes: 68 56.2%
  • 5.5"

    Votes: 53 43.8%

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Anthony T

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Jul 10, 2008
Let's say there is no delay for the 5.5" model, and it's announced on September 9th along with the 4.7" model and both are released on the same day.

Which would you go with if waiting was not a factor?


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Aug 20, 2014
If the 5.5" does exist and released at the same time, for me it would come down to the rumors of better specs. If the 5.5" has the better sapphire display and better A8 then for me it's a no brainer.


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Jul 21, 2014
4.7 model. The 5.5" would only be slightly shorter than the Galaxy Note, which is larger than I'd like any phone to be.


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Apr 6, 2007
It really depends on internal specs for me. If the 5.5" has a better camera, more storage, things like that, then I'll likely get it, though I won't like the screen too much.

If they are equal to the 4.7", or if the 4.7" comes out sooner, I'll get that instead.

The large screen size is not a draw for me. 5.5" is too big and to me it's a negative. I have an iPad for big-screen stuff. So, I'll definitely tolerate 4.7" better.


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Jul 8, 2011
Will have to see them side by side to compare. Then spec differences if any. But 4.7 is the most logical for me, unless spec differences that much greater on 5.5.


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Jun 15, 2013
Right here
If they are released at the same time, will you still go with 4.7" or the 5.5"?

Both then just swap sims when I want to rotate. If I could only have one though it would be the 5.5. I have an lg g3 and it's a perfect size.
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Newtons Apple

Mar 12, 2014
Jacksonville, Florida
I can't see the releasing both phones at the same time. Apple's marketing team knows it customers would take advantage and trade sizes just for the experience.

Betting we do not see the 5.5 for at least a month later but in time for Christmas!:apple:


Jun 18, 2010
The 5.5 whether no delayed or not. Not interested in the iPhone 6 mini (4.7) with the gimped out features. Those 3D renders makes the iPhone 6 look very awesome. A couple things to make the 5.5 model even better -

- Rounded corners helps alot. By the looks of it, we could be getting an iPhone 6 as the most comfortable iPhone to hold since the original or 3G/3Gs days.

- Lesser bezel. It was be proven by last year's Sony Xperia ZL or a few LG devices like the G2/G3 that overall dimensions can be trimmed down with lesser bezel while still getting a larger screen.

- Add 2GB RAM like what the latest iPad air is rumored to be getting to showoff iOS8's multi-app windows.

I understand Apple didn't want to cannibalize their iPad sales with a "phablet." But now that iPad sales are slowing down, this should be their next move.

For folks wanting the 4.7, go for it. I just find very advantages it has over the bigger model except better one-handed use/pocket friendly. It is like picking the original PS3 from 2006 vs the slimmer models that lost features. And I need the bigger battery capacity. Not in love with larger phones but I'm in love with their tablet-like stamina. But I can understand where you come from too. It took me awhile to jump from Nexus One size to HTC One. It was a considerable jump from 119mm to 137mm in height and nearly an extra 10mm in width. But going from a 4.7 inch phone to a phone nearly the size of the LG G3 (5.5 inches) was an easier transition. I know many iOS fans had mostly carried smaller phones like an 5s or under for most of their life. Asking to go 5.5 is like asking them to drive a sedan to a bus. Too much a life change for them. Too scary for some to adjust. But a jump from 10mm extra height/width is no big deal if you come from a 4.7 inch phone recently.


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May 3, 2009
Release date has nothing to do with it for me.

Once I see what the 5.5" and 4.7" looks like, performs and cost. Then I'll make my decision.

I may like the 5.5, but if its priced at a point that I'm not willing to pay and/or it doesn't offer anything over my current 5c then I'll not buy it.


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Aug 21, 2014
I would personally go for the 4.7" model. After using the Moto X for a while, I found that that is the best size for portability and media consumption.


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Nov 2, 2008
If the 5.5" battery is ~2900 mAh and the 4.7" is a measly ~1800 mAh, I'm 5.5" all the way. No way the bigger screen will eat up all that extra mAh. The 5.5" will have great battery life.

IF, however, the 5.5" is delayed until late this year I'll get a 4.7" because no use having a phone for 8 months before the 6S.


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Feb 2, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA
5.5". I imagine the starting price will be $399 for the basic model (on contract). The big size would have more pros than cons for me. I wouldn't need to carry around a iPad mini anymore.
Hipsters won't like it, since it won't fit in there skinny jean pockets.


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Jul 12, 2009
I honestly would go for the 5.5" iPhone. I always told myself that until my wife got a Galaxy Note and I realized how nice the screen was. Then when the rumors started flying, that's when I really started wanting


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Apr 21, 2010
Can't vote.

If there's a 5.5" released at the same time as the 4.7", it will depend entirely on the specs.

I would definitely prefer the 4.7" screen. But if the 5.5" has a bunch of premium features that aren't on the 4.7", I might do the 5.5"


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Aug 6, 2008
Springfield, MO
I appreciate being able to fully operate my 5s with one hand, and I believe 4.7" will be the limit for that. That said, I'll probably go with the smaller screen size.

But...like others have said, if there isn't a delay in release, and/or the proposed 5.5" model has tremendous (battery, sapphire screen, faster processor, etc.) improvements...I'll jump to the larger iPhone.


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Dec 18, 2012
Charlotte, NC

No interest in cramming a mini-tablet into my pockets on a daily basis. I can only imagine going for runs with that thing in my shorts.

Were I in a position where I carried a bag or something around constantly I might consider a 5.5" phone.