If this debacle was Droid X or EVO, the return rate would be astronomical!


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Jun 28, 2010
If the Droid X or EVO had dropped call issue, you know people would be returning them in droves instead of complaining about it on the forums and keeping it.

While antenna gate, death grip or whatever you call it, is bad, but the iPhone 4 does great in so many other areas (apps, os speed, build quality..etc..) that owners are willing to deal with it.

I had the EVO for about 20 days. Its not the worst smart phone i've used (that award goes to my old Palm 700W) but its so far behind the iPhone (except for the 4G network which I miss dearly. I was getting 6 meg speed on average).

More people go to iPhone rather then the reverse. Go on to any Droid or Palm Pre forums are you read more people leaving those phones to iPhone.


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Apr 15, 2010
If every single Droid X _AND_ EVO user combined each returned their phone...it would still only equal about 2 weeks' worth of iPhone 4 sales.

Its all relative.