If you do the same tasks, will a 13" MBP outlast a 12" MB?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by kylera, Jun 12, 2017.

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    I thought a bit about the gear I'm carrying around right now and realized that in my quest to lighten my daily load, I may actually have made things HEAVIER by going from a 13" MBA to a 12" MB and adding a 26,000mah power bank for my MB and my iPhone.

    Admittedly, I've used the power bank to charge my MB just once, and that too when the MB's battery was still full and I wanted to make sure the power bank wasn't defective. However, it's been used extensively to charge my iPhone on the go.

    This has led me to wonder the question in the title: assuming you do the exact same tasks, can the 13" MBP last longer? My tasks are not terribly intensive - word processing, creating outlines, YouTube, retro games via emulation (which I do only at home anyway connected to power).

    EDIT: I know that the MBP is more futureproof down the line, I was focusing on daily power drain.

    Both the MB and MBP are rated for 10 hours of usage. To rephrase my question: from a full charge, if I spend four hours typing the exact same report in Microsoft word, and watching the exact same videos on YouTube via Safari, will the remaining battery percentage be the same?
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    I have and use them both and for your work load it's a toss up really. Pricing is very similar. It will most likely simply come down to personal preference or a flip of the coin for you.

    As for lasting, I have a 2009, 2010 MacBook Pro still going strong used 12 horus a day and 4 days a week and are never powered down. In office environments by employees. So one is a core2duo 2.66Ghz and the other is a first gen i5 I believe.
    Other than popping the bottom off and blowing dust out occasionally I've neither had nor heard any issues from either of them. Which you wouldn't have to do with a 12" MB.

    Then I've had 2 differrent 2012 MacBook Pros have to go in for repairs on 2 seperate occasions each. More power does not always equate to longer life.
    I have a mix of 2009 through 2015 Mac Hardware over 40 devices. I just buy what will get the job done.
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    Are you talking battery life, or how long before you need to buy a new machine?

    I think you’re about to get answers to both these questions :)
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    I worded my question poorly. I was focusing on daily power drain than overall laptop longevity.
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    IMO, it's always smarter to buy a computer that's a little powerful than what you need. Suppose, you buy a macbook pro in the hope of future proofing yourself for the next 5-6 years but you'd be perfectly fine with a macbook air. I feel the price difference between the two machines is significant and what if you break it right after your applecare gets over? This investment goes to waste then, an expensive computer is also more expensive to maintain.
    You can instead buy a cheaper computer and upgrade more often down the line. You won't also not have to deal with the scratches on your machine for the next 5-6 years.

    I feel it is stupid to invest in a machine that you don't need and justifying the purchase of the machine with the idea of future proofing yourself. I'd get a refurbished MB now, then I'll get a a new MB (refurbished?) when the current one is too slow or buy something more suitable if my needs change. Like this I don't spend a lot of money, I don't get tied down to a machine just because I spent a lot on it, I have the option to get a new computer apple releases in the future and I get the standard warranty twice (once for each machine). Also, it'll be easier to replace a cheaper computer if anything happens to it. And I might have a better job in the future to pay for it.
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    Maybe change the title too ;)

    So onto the actual topic, battery life, I'd say that Apple's estimates are often met and if they should be similar, they will be.

    The MacBook has low-power processors, no fans and slows itself when it gets too hot which is all very energy efficient. However, the battery itself is of course smaller because of the smaller size of the machine (it's 41.41 Wh).

    The MacBook Pro has fans, more powerful processors and a bigger battery (49.2 Wh Touch Bar, 54.5 Wh non-TB) so it's fair to say that they could end up having the same battery life. Maybe processor intensive tasks will drain the MacBook Pro faster?

    Having said that, Apple states the 12" MacBook lasts 2 hours longer (12 hours total) when watching an iTunes movie. Still, they probably average the same.
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    Jun 11, 2014
    My 2016 MacBook has about the same battery life as the 13" 2013 MBA it replaced.


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