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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by moosemeister, Sep 21, 2012.

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    My daughter is a college student away at school in a major metropolitan area and was devastated when she found out she no longer had transit maps to assist her with bus routes and such. After extensive searching for alternatives, we found this solution works best and I thought I'd share if anyone else is in a similar boat. First, go into privacy settings and make sure location services is set to on for Safari. Then go to the URL google.com/transit. Follow the prompts to add Google transit to your home screen, sign in with a Google account (it doesn't seem to work unless you do), agree to allow it to share your location, and that's it. Transit maps restored. Figured I'd share in case anyone is in a similar pickle. I really wish Apple and Google would end their little you-know-what match because the only losers are us, whenever one of them removes a very useful feature just to thumb their nose at the other. It's quite childish behavior for heads of billion dollar companies....
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    Why are you blaming Google in this? They would LOVE for Google Maps to be on iOS6 as the default Navigation app. They would LOVE for Google Maps to be an app on iOS6. They have made that very clear since this whole Apple Maps fiasco started. The data they receive from all the iPhone users is too valuable for them to ignore even if Apple is their competitor.

    If you want to blame somebody, the only one you can blame is Cook. He felt like they had to get Google off of the iPhone and make a Maps app, which is understandable. Unfortunately, they partnered up with the wrong companies with incorrect data. They omitted major features that Google Maps has. The UI for maps is too simple and not international friendly. I also believe that they are holding back the Google Maps app to let the initial launch of iOS6 users correct the most glaring flaws in data. Having Google Maps on the market would lessen the effect of making their own Map app as they would not get any data.
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    Did it occur to you that there are different reasons that may have lead to Apple dropping google maps?

    What if Google insisted on more invasive user data mining?
    What if Google insisted on embedding ads in the maps?
    What if Google insisted on exerting more control over the user interface?
    What if Google insisted on less favorable financial terms for the contract renewal?

    The fact that they're at war with each other, with Google having stolen Apple's ideas for their Android platform is just icing on the cake. While many of us would have preferred the new Apple maps app to be more polished on its release, it would be stupid for Apple to allow a continued dependence on Google for such a key iOS application.
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    No, it didn't occur to me because I believe the simplest answer with the fewest assumptions is more likely to be true. You could come up with a million possible reasons, but unless you have evidence to believe it, it's all here-say. You already agree that Apple would be dumb to continue having Google in charge of a huge part of iOS. What evidence do you have to make it more complicated than that?

    "Good artists copy. Great artists steal." ~ Steve Jobs

    I would agree, but they should make sure that the customer is not the one to pay for it. Either that or make sure that Google had everything it needed and was ready to go for the App Store from day 1. Also allowing Google Maps to be set to the default navigation app would be nice, too.
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    Actually the reason why Apple dumped Google is the same reason why many other companies like FourSquare are dumping Google.
    Reason justified? Yes. Proper roll-out i.e. beta etc? No.
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    So basically, they didn't want to purchase the license? I think it's only like $10,000 a year.


    I highly doubt this is emptying Apple's wallet. It's chump change to them. It's a reason, but there is definitely something much more to it.
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