If your 15" retina MacBook Pro (From 2016) is having screen-flickering and/or random shut downs...

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by kevinkyoo, Nov 16, 2016.

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    Feb 5, 2016
    Please return it. This is not a "**** Apple! We'll show them!" This is coming from someone who has had a MacBook Pro from 2012 and 2015. I had all of the issues that people here posted on these models, which include:
    • Flickering screens
    • Blocked out screens
    • Frozen screens
    • Any one of the above, with the computer being completely frozen (And the only solution being to force shut-down the computer)
    I panicked. I thought maybe it had to do with software! I did all of the necessary steps (Reset VRAM, etc.) and waited earnestly for each macOS update, hoping that Apple could fix these issues with a flip of a switch.

    That change never came. I was stuck with the 2012 Macbook Pro (Retina) that gave me constant problems - while working or editing videos, my computer would crash. And as the days went by, so did the symptoms grow increasingly worse, and more frequently.

    In total, I went to the Apple Store 7 times. Apple, "gracious enough," was willing to replace the logic board 5 separate times. After the 5th time, Apple threw up its hands and said, "Enough, we'll replace this computer with a 2015 model!" Great, I thought. I threw in an extra $700 to get the top-of-the-line model, and truly thought I was going to have this machine until 4-6 years.


    First day after, I got the same issues (Even with starting from no backup and fresh). Keep in mind, these were issues that were present regardless of what task I was doing - browsing the web, typing up a word document, editing videos on Premiere Pro, doing some casual gaming.

    After my 5th time visiting the Apple Store for the 2015 model, Apple essentially said, "Look, we don't have any official word out yet of how we're dealing with this model, so you're out of luck." Note that the 2011-2013 MacBook Pro's that were deemed by Apple to be at fault were starting be fixed by 2015. Of course Apple wouldn't try to fix these new (Then) MacBook Pro's that year, while losing potentially frightened customers (P.S. I expect them to release this program for the 2014-2015 models by 2019, if the trajectory can be followed).

    So now I was stuck with a laptop that maybe wouldn't brick for ~ 20% of the times, regardless of what tasks I was doing.

    My advice, then, for those who are experiencing these issues: return this computer right away, and don't look back. Again, this is not a rebellious post to show corporations. This is coming from your average-Joe who thought he could use a nice 15" MacBook Pro for his work, and who ended up spending hundreds of dollars in gas money, wasted hours trying to contact Apple representatives at stores and online, and who still didn't have his computer fixed.

    If you are spending $2000-4000+ on your main workstation that is the MacBook Pro, do you think it is acceptable in any way to accept this compromise? And if your computer still does not show any symptoms, do you wish to gamble that chance? Imagine me as a salesman, "Oh, this computer has these specs, performs at this rate, has this battery life... Oh, and it has an x% chance of showing dedicated graphics card failures." You would call me an insane man, and walk away.

    Do you want to keep promoting Apple to keep these same issues from even back to 2010 with its MacBook Pro? These issues have even shown up on the 2013 Mac Pro's. It's a damn shame of how literally no reviewer covers this topic. It's as if they want to hold silence, in order to get an invitation to Apple events, get early reviews, and get hits on their videos and/or websites based on these reviews. What a ****ing sham.

    So do I hope that people who are in this position at least consider returning this product. Because after the return policy, Apple will maybe try to help you, but will eventually lead to say, "We've done all we could, and we can't help you any longer." Please don't be in the position I was, and consider another computer (Whether it be Apple or not, that doesn't matter).
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    For the price of the current model, if I have issues, it's going back. Good news rhe return period is within the festive season so should be January, good trial

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