If your upgrade date is between Oct. 1st and Dec. 31st, start new Twitter petition!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by coolwater, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. coolwater macrumors 6502a


    Jun 8, 2009

    But, seriously though. To be fair, I think AT&T should offer to bump 3 months up for ALL existing iPhone users. A user who's upgrade date is October 1st must feel the worst now.

    Yes, AT&T is doing many iPhone users a favor even though they don't have to, but AT&T is making yet another mistake by alienating another large group of customers.

    If 3 months is too much, why not 2 months? And, have them all sign another 2-year contract AND EXPLAIN CLEARLY THERE WILL BE NO NEW SUBSIDIZED UPGRADE WITHIN FULL 24 MONTHS. Then, what would AT&T lose? I always went to Verizon at the 23rd month and asked for a new phone with no problem anyway.
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    Dec 28, 2007
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    AT&T doesnt like you

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