iPad IFile Manager capabilities for jailbroken iPads

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  1. Martinnbafiba macrumors newbie

    Apr 8, 2013
    Hello guys my name is Martin and i am a new member to this forum.I am also a relatively new IOS user with not much experience.
    I bought an ipad mini 4 months ago and I am loving it to the maximum.
    Coming from a android background I find that iOS has many advantages like many optimised apps, very good looking apps,very smooth experience and many games that play with full effects.
    All this is awesome but I am having a small problem....
    I really need to install a file manager.I haven't jailbroken my ipad yet but I will do it after the iOS 7 release.
    I have been told that on Cydia there is a very capable file manager called iFile.
    I will get this app after the jailbreak.
    I need it because I want to be able to send some CVs and do some other things.
    My concern is that I don't know how capable this file manager is.
    My question is, does this file manager provide any Web integration?
    Does it improve my iPads sharing capabilities?

    To be more specific I was trying to send a CV to this web site for a job, there was a button there saying press to upload CV. I did press the button but my only sharing options where to take a picture with my camera and upload it or to upload a photo from the gallery. I had my cv on my Dropbox account but there was no integration with it plus of course there was no file manager or any access to the file system.
    When I do the same thing on my android phone it opens many sharing options and of course one of them is to access the file manager and upload my cv from there.

    If I download this iFile app on my ipad, will it give me similar web integration and sharing options like my android devices?
    Will I be able to upload my CV directly from my iFile manager to the web?

    Thanks and sorry for the long text.
  2. grandma griff macrumors newbie

    Apr 10, 2013
    Easy Solution without Jailbreak

    Hi Martin,

    I believe you can accomplish what you would like to do via another route, without even jailbreaking. In my book, "Grandma Talks Tech: Baby Boomers Take To iPads, Too!" I recommend an excellent all around utility app. That app is GoodReader and basically it can do many things that can't otherwise be done on your iPad.

    Within the app, there is a browser, a method to connect to a server, an unzipper, as well as a file manager, etc. To do what you'd like to do, just download and install GoodReader from the App store.

    Once in the app, set up the site as a server (assuming you've been given a login), download your cv from its existing source into GoodReader, then go to manage files, select your file, and upload to the server account you just set up.

    Again, I'm assuming they've provided you with a login of some sort so that you can access their site for the upload. The process is not as complex as it may sound, actually it's quite intuitive. I have worked with iFile on a jailbroken iPad but don't find it as user friendly as GoodReader. Once you jailbreak your iPad, you can decide for yourself which one you prefer.

    GoodReader is a paid app but there is also a free version. I'm not sure what the restrictions on the free version are, but you may have to shell out $4.99 to get all the functionality you desire. iFile is $4.00 in Cydia.

    Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. I don't come here a lot but I do make visits on a more or less regular basis.

    Sheila "Grandma" Griffith

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