iFixit reveals enough space for 8 GB RAM, will you wait ?


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Jun 29, 2007
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iFixit teardown reveals plenty of space for 8GB RAM, as present 4GB occupies only one side of the board, while it was using both before.

First two images from 2010 11" MBA Teardown
Second two from 2011 13" MBA :cool:

Last one shows characteristic empty space which with the rest of the industry (and Apple's iPod touch camera :p) means there had to be a feature/"widget" that was omitted at the last minute
(after it was proven viable for manufacture)



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Aug 29, 2009
Yeah this isn't coming until next year. Apple might have done some pre-design with it in mind, but just like any other major manufacturer they have to manage the amount of supply that they have agreed to with the memory makers. Apple currently dominates the amount of orders of chips and has huge deals, but the best way they have to manage it all is to not overshoot it with 8GB upgrades and such. You can see evidence of the way they manage it by the fact that the $999 MBA is still only 2GB.

So, next MBA release it will probably be an option, but this year is set in stone.


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May 18, 2011
Ya they changed a few things(on the inside) already, there going to make the next one 8gig and use that as a selling point on why to give up the one you bought now
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