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Apr 12, 2001

Last week, we reported that we had been able to obtain a 9.7-inch display claimed to be for the iPad 3, confirming through microscopic analysis that the display offers twice the linear resolution and four times the total number of pixels as the iPad 2.


iFixit's comparison of iPad 2 and iPad 3 display pixels

We've since shared the display with our friends at iFixit to see if they could power the screen and otherwise take a closer look at it. Unfortunately, with the different connector on the new display, iFixit was unable to directly hook the display up to the guts of an iPad 2. Meanwhile, efforts to map the pins of the two displays in an attempt to jury-rig the iPad 3 display were believed to be too substantial to undertake with the limited time and no guarantees of success. iFixit was, however, able to confirm our findings of an ultra-high resolution display that quadruples the number of pixels over the previous-generation iPads.

In this new video overview of the iPad 3 display, iFixit confirms the higher (2048x1536) resolution, the modified connector, and tweaked retaining clips as compared to the iPad 2 display.


Display connectors from iPad 2 (left) and iPad 3 (right)

Apple is expected to introduce the iPad 3 with a media event on March 7. Beyond the display, photos of a number of claimed parts for the device, including the logic board and front glass/digitizer, have leaked in recent weeks, offering some reasonable evidence of what can be expected in the updated models.

Article Link: iFixit Takes a Closer Look at the 'iPad 3 Retina Display'


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Jan 6, 2004
Does the API already support hi-res or will I have to wait months after release for my apps to take advantage?


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Jul 20, 2009

Come on frigging iFixit amaterus, hire a serious electronic engineer and power it up already!


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Oct 6, 2008
Does the API already support hi-res or will I have to wait months after release for my apps to take advantage?

For standard apps that are universal, the iPad will probably pick up the @2x resources included for the iPhone retina display.

Text and system graphics will be automatically upgraded in all apps that use them.

It should be a much smoother transition than with the iPhone, as now most developers are creating hi-res art in the first place.

Lesser Evets

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Jan 7, 2006
...why would she want a retina television set? She just rambles stuff: talks about how the screen held further away negates the need for higher resolution, then says that about the TV... you won't be using any more pixels than a 1080, anyway. Unless you hook a computer to the TV.


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Mar 18, 2008
Her "quoting" the "iPad 3 display" got old and annoying "real fast".



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May 28, 2009
Montreal, Canada
She says the iPad 3 display is .6 oz lighter the iPad 2's and that it's the exact same size.

If the iPad 3 is thicker than the iPad 2, can we assume that it's just because of a bigger battery? Not that battery life isn't important, but I would have expected Apple to make the iPad 3 at least as thin as the last one, they are pretty obsessive when it comes to thinness and I thought they wouldn't want the case to appear like a downgrade.

EDIT: It may also be because of the rumored dual LED backlighting, but this rumor comes from DigiTimes so...
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Mike Oxard

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Oct 22, 2009
So what about the backlighting everyone was going on about, does it have the upgrade that means a bigger battery is necessary?


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Jun 5, 2006
Also, nothing really new here but still can't wait to see that baby in person! :D
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