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    Apr 25, 2005

    The developer is a busy guy and the forums for iflash is very slow so I thought I would take stab and ask all of you here.

    First off, if you've never heard of iflash you can get it here:


    I'm in the middle of a demo right now but I love it. Worked wonders on my microbio lab exam.

    Anyway, here's what i'm looking for. The export feature of iflash can export to the ipod but it only exports in text format and with microbio it would be very helpful to have photos of organisms and such. So as an idea, I'm trying to find a way to use the PDF printing feature of OS X and convert them to JPEG pictures and import them into iphoto and then sync it to my ipod.

    Here are the problems.
    1) the printing feature in iflash has a layout form that only allows printing in groups of flashcards. Meaning front and back needs to be printed or multiple fronts. Either way 2 sides are printed on one sheet.

    2) It would need to be rather quick since there could possibly be over 300 flash cards and I am not going to go through each image printed and cut them up by hand.

    There used to be some sort of automator script floating around but that was like a year ago and its no where to be found. Idealy, I want to set something up where I could set it up in iflash to print to pdf and then run a series of cutting of each sheet and label the images in order by number.

    Sounds complicated i know.

    BTW, if anybody knows of any other flashcard programs that have easy input like "type question" enter "type answer" enter shift to new card "type question" etc... feel free to let me know.

    Its long but i felt the explanation is needed since i searched for iflash and there arent many threads at all.

    Please advise.
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    Apr 25, 2005
    Minor update

    Hey, minor update to my situation.

    I've found a way to print one side of the flash card onto one sheet and then i save it as a PDF. Then I print the back side of the flashcard onto one sheet as a PDF. That leaves me with 2 PDF files with approx 200 pages.

    First PDF = Front side of FlashCards.
    Second PDF = Back side of FlashCards.

    I then use Acrobat and export them to Numbered JPEGs.

    I then use a renamer to give the Front side odd #s starting with 1 and the Back side even #s starting with 2.

    By naming them the same prefix i can get them to intertwine in order.

    I then sync it with iphoto to my ipod and study from there.

    Couple of problems with this.
    1) iflash still prints in portrait mode and I cannot figure out how to print in landscape mode so the sizes are off on the ipod. I cannot just crop it because the text folows that portrait orientation and will get cut off if i force it.
    2) this process is still impractical for daily flash card making. Ideas on how to simplify it or script it would be nice.
    3) I wish one program would just do it all for me. lol I may spend more time making these things than studying off them.

    Ideas please. I'm not sure where to go from here. BTW I'm not that knowledgable in computers so please be detailed in your explanations. Thanks.


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