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Dec 26, 2011
I cannot find the Red/Black Luxe Original on Amazon. So I figured I will order through the iFrogz site. Their site says free shipping. When I go to check out, I am using a valid 20% off coupon code. Then all the sudden I have to pay for shipping from $2.99 up. When I went back to try the order without the coupon code, the shipping was free.

So they are taking back the free shipping just because you are getting a discount? Am I missing something here? I mean is that standard for a site to do this? If they were charging shipping no matter what, it would be more acceptable, but to charge because a discount is applied seems sneaky.

Boston Rhett

macrumors regular
Jan 23, 2012
Because, according to the website, free shipping only applies to orders over $29.98. The case you're looking at is $29.99. Hence, free shipping. When you apply the code, the price drops down to something like $24. Hence, no free shipping.
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