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    Jan 10, 2006
    Now Macs can run Windows :( Apple will gain quite a few switchers which will then inturn tell there mates how good their new Mac running OSX is and so gain more and more. The only thing keeping them using windows is gaming!

    I think in about a years time Apple should really push gaming on the mac not just promotionally but give incentives to developers to create some kick ass exclusive games and then produce a dedicated gaming Mac (not a console).

    Then there will be no need for Windows ever again!
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    Amen to that.

    But now that Windows has come to the Mac, there is less reason for gaming promotion on OS X than before.
    Apple had lots of chances.... OpenGL being built right-in Mac OS X, AltiVec engine that could have helped, and with the introduction of the G5. I actually thought Steve might've done some gaming promo-trick.

    I remember a couple of Steve-notes where he did use gaming as a marketing tool:
    - MacWorld NY 1998 (pic: CD's of gaming on Mac OS 9)
    - MacWorld SF 2000 (pic: John Carmack of ID talking about Mac OS X)
    - MacWorld Tokyo 2001 (demo of GeForce 3 grfx card, with very early preview of doom 3)

    Wonder why he let it go, really.... :rolleyes:

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