iGeoTrans - GPS for fieldwork

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    Nov 25, 2011
    iGeoTrans is a perfect solution to replacing dedicated handheld GPS navigation devices for iPhone iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. It supports surveying, mapping, fieldwork and related fields for any area in the world.

    ✔ Locates user's location with high accuracy.
    ✔ Allows users to manage and load waypoints, displaying straight route from user's location to the selected waypoint on the map in real time.
    ✔ Displays direction, compass, route and the straight-line distance between user's location and the selected waypoint on the map in real time.
    ✔ Users can manage the reference coordinate systems by adding, removing, and updating them.
    ✔ Geodetic data in a reference coordinate system can be transformed to those in another with high accuracy (there are 7 parameters for datum transformations between a user-defined coordinate system and WGS 84 Global definition and vice versa or among the user-defined coordinate systems).
    ✔ Converts geodetic coordinates to map grid coordinates and vice versa using one of 26 different map projections for any area in the world.
    ✔ Easily imports or exports waypoint coordinates in different coordinate systems.





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