IGlowPhone Metalllic Series Stainless Skin Review

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by seanfour20, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Jul 1, 2010
    First off, shipping issue: Got mine in the mail last week, unfortunately due to shipping it had some small dents in it; but Mobile Riot Gear made good and sent me not one, but TWO replacements :D Very nice of them to do. They came pretty quick also. I would recommend to them that they not ship in paper envelopes but some sort of card-stock mailer or use card-stock inside the envelope to protect the decal from the not-so gentle hands of the post office.

    Now on the product: Looks great! I saw another recent review on here not happy, I'm not sure what the poster was expecting, if you watch this video featured on the seller's web site it describes the product exactly how it comes:


    In fact, I think mine looks BETTER than what is shown in the video, as I took more time to massage out the bubbles that show up. It's easy to install without having a lot of bubbles appear, just make sure the device is clean and dust-free (use a microfiber cloth) and smooth the decal on with your finger wrapped in the cloth. If any bubbles still appear, use the tip of your finger (but not your fingernail) to massage out the bubbles.

    The material of the skin is a metallic decal, not a piece of sticky metal (duh). It's moderately thick and has a nice, soft texture without having the feeling of a slick decal. There is somewhat of an orange-peel texture, however I prefer it because it adds to the "industrial" appearance of the phone. I wanted to use my black bumper, but wanted more of the stainless look to be visible, so for me this skin was ideal. It looks great with or without the bumper on. It matches the stainless part of the iPhone very closely.

    It doesn't scratch like brushed aluminum; however, if you were to take say a fingernail, or key, and press down on the decal, it would make a surface indentation. I imagine over time it will show a few accidental "dents". I did test this out with the first skin I received, and the dents were only visible when holding the skin to have light reflect off of it. It is reusable, however be very gentle in removing it, I found that DELICATELY using a razor blade to lift a corner to peel off was the best way to do it. Once you have a corner lifted it peels easily. Keep the paper that the decal came on.

    Some technical stuff: Camera/flash/:apple:/sides all line up great. Does not affect the camera's flash, thankfully. The jury is still out if it affects reception or not, it's hard for me to tell (if it does, it's minor), and in my apartment I already have some problems. On the street there is no reception interference from it.

    The vinyl wrap decal was a nice touch, I didn't plan on using one before but I put it on to protect the sides from scratches. The wrap is tough to install, I'd recommend having 2 sets of hands. I never received an alcohol pad as listed on their site -- but no biggie.

    I'm not going to post pics unless someone requests them -- it really does look just like it's advertised on MRG's site or in the YouTube video. I was glad to see that I wasn't surprised with something other than what was shown.

    Would I recommend it? If this is the look you are going for, yes. Take your time with the installation (it's not difficult, but don't just slap it on either) and make sure that the phone is clean first, and you will have a great looking modification that stays in line with the clean, classy design that the iPhone 4 demonstrates on it's own.
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    Jun 29, 2010
    This looks great on the iPhone 4 but it does effect the flash so I had to remove it. :( I had it perfectly aligned around the camera and flash. I took a picture in a total dark room and there was a blueish light that engulfed the entire picture. I peeled down the skin past the camera and took another shot and it came out perfectly clear. I did take the the strips that cover the steel band and cut just enough off to cover the antenna and no more death grip. The bumper gos back on once again until someone makes something that actually works and looks good.

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