Ignoring Beats Pill XL Recall Program

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by 6825924, Jun 19, 2015.

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    Hate all you want. Most Beats products are indeed probably crap, but I absolutely LOVE my Beats Pill XL.
    Most people know the normal pill version and judge based on that experience. Well I can tell the XL nothing like that.
    But that's not why I made this thread, the 'recent' upset around this speaker made me.
    Giving up the device is just something I would not like to do, there's in my opinion not really an equivalent on the market.
    Safety is more important though. So I want to know how severe this thing is.
    Honestly, if I wouldn't be such an Apple fan, I wouldn't have known there's a problem. The only source I found was MacRumors, and after some digging in the Belgian Apple Store site, I found the recall program.
    That's most likely because I live in Belgium and not a lot of units were sold here. But that does raise questions on my side, if it was such a major risk, wouldn't this news not be widely spread? Here no one knows about this, only people who follow specific sources like MacRumors.
    make a long story short: is anyone of you keeping there Beats Pill XL too?

    Thank you!

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    In the US Apple has it posted right on the homepage for their website. Also, every Apple Store I know of in my area has a safety bulletin posted right on the Genius Bar letting customers know about how serious the issue is.
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    Rechargeable batteries can burn if they malfunction. Apple has determined that the possibility of this happening is higher than acceptable, through whatever criteria they use to make such determinations. If you're completely comfortable keeping a known fire hazard in your home, that is your choice. Personally, I think it's incredibly foolish to do so.

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