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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by sbryan, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Hello, I'm on a Windows Server 2003 & IIS 6 hosting platform and I'm not sure how to handle my web forms.

    I have a contact form set up to use Tectite's Formmail.PHP handler, but it appears the e-mail isn't being handled. When an error occurs, it should send an e-mail alert to me, but it isn't doing that. Indicating e-mail isn't being handled.

    Help and resources appreciated!

    Thanks so much,
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    Hey, this is a Mac forum, remember?

    Don't expect too much advanced technical help specific to IIS and Windows, but the advice in your situation is the same as if Apache/PHP on a Mac:

    First, rule out the PHP script as cause. Make sure no fatal errors when it is run standalone (as a test you could simply include it and print hello world after the include followed by exit, so you can see the output). Then if it runs okay determine if it is generating its own error, or if a function returns an error status code. Or see if it has its own logging option, and check that. If the script is running fine, then you look at your server setup, which involves simply checking the SMTP log to see what happened to your email.

    The most common causes of email not being delivered but no "apparent" errors is the mail being queued as a result of any of the following:

    • Is the SMTP service running?
    • Improper DNS setup
    • E-Mail localhost or relay setup incorrectly (domains not permitted)
    • Improper firewall restrictions (filters too strict, misconfigured)
    • IIS has deadlock features - i.e. in WinDbg run !locks (synchronization objects, if you know about that, proprietary to IIS - if not then visit this page for help, including debugging the block.dmp file to see if any hung processes on your IIS server - advanced guru stuff)

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