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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Sceneshifter, Jun 10, 2008.

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    This is a strange question, I know, but I'd really like a clear answer to it.

    It's my first mac now, which I own about 6 months or so and before this I never used iTunes (I used winamp), and iPhoto doesn't exist on Windows, so please do understand before flaming my ignorance.

    When importing pictures from my camera, they go directly in iPhoto. Where does iPhoto store them? My 'pictures' folder seems empty... Does this mean I can trash my picture source files once I dragged them into iPhoto?

    Same thing for iTunes, I don't get it, where does it store the music? Sometimes I delete the 'old' file that I drag'n dropped in iTunes, yet its still available in iTunes, so I suppose this is storing it's own songs somewhere else? I'm sure this is eating up twice the harddrive space that it should right now, because I'm storing everything double.

    I'd really appreciate some info!

    And on the side note, I have the SR MB, and coverflow is useless, it loads 'pictures' in coverflow (in finder) slow as a boot and hence making coverflow useless, is it supposed to be like that? How can I fix that? Also is it possible to have a standard view for all folders, EXCEPT certain folders (perhaps, if coverflow would work, the picture folder to automatically open in coverflow view)

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    In your "Picutres" folder should be a folder called iPhoto Library. That is where your photos are stored. Same for iTunes -- iTunes Library in your music folder. Unless you have changed your preferences to something different, music and photos will import into their correct libraries. The folders can hold other music or photos that you do not have, or want to have, in your iTunes and/or iPhoto libraries.

    What "picture source file" are you talking about? Your camera's memory? Or?? I'm assuming that when you open the iPhoto app, the photos show up there? The answer to that will determine whether you can trash them or not.
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    mac also has "Image Capture" so you can save the pics from your camera wherever you wish.

    in itunes, you can go to
    Itunes > Pref > Advanced > uncheck "copy files to.."

    (and in that section will also tell you your "itunes folder" where all the music is being copied to.)

    Iphoto should be saving the images in your
    ~/Pictures > iPhoto Library > Data

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