iLED Light for iPhone 4 now available in the iTunes store!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by dwarfthemike, Jul 8, 2010.

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    Jul 8, 2010
    Hey guys! This is an update from a previous post by tgibeau.

    I just wanted to let everyone know that iLED Light for iPhone 4 is now available in the App store for $.99!

    So you have your new iPhone 4 & screen flashlights are a thing of the past, why not take advantage of that new LED flash?

    iLED Light uses the built-in LED flash that’s now available on iPhone 4 to brighten up your garage, the mess of cables under your desk, or the mysterious package that arrived on your doorstep. Never be caught in the dark again, thanks to iLED Light!


    • LED Lights up at launch!

    • Large On/Off Switch: for easy access.

    • Hold for Light Toggle: quickly flash the light to blind your friend or talk in Morse code.

    • Perfect for Blackouts, Power Failures, and Hurricane/Disaster Preparations.

    • Camera View: for those that want to see through their phone.

    • iOS 4 Quick App Switching: Easily switch & remember your settings.

    ****Updates Submitted to App Store****
    ******Awaiting App Store Approval*****

    • Multi-tasking Fixes: Light would somtimes not illuminate when switching applications

    • Camera View Changes: New Interface

    • Music Background Support: Music will continue to play when opening iLED Light

    ****Future Updates in Next Release****

    • Strobe Light Feature: Rave it up with new Strobe Light & adjust the frequency with the onscreen slider.

    • Visit our website to check out the upcoming Strobe Light feature!

    • Night Vision Effect: When in camera view; take the night with Night Vision!

    Check out our website for how-to videos and more!

    Continued use of the iPhone's LED may dramatically decrease battery life.

    Thanks everyone!


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