iLife and iWork '08 on 10.7


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Nov 21, 2008
I'm running the most recent software versions for iLife and iWork 08 and I'm wondering if excluding the features exclusive to lion that my apps work? I've heard that these versions of the software run on Rosetta and can not be run on lion but I don't know honestly.
Thank you for your help

P.S: Honestly I'm a high school student without a job and can only only afford really to upgrade to lion and not the rest of the software so if they don't work I can't upgrade as a result of school assignments.


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Dec 22, 2007
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I'm interested on this too

I have been looking too for the answer to this, both on the apple website and on MacRumors forums, without any seemingly useful answer (the nearest to an actual useful response have been a couple of comments in Apple support forums from what seems like uptight narrow-minded persons just mindlessly repeating away what they hear without even paying attention to the exact question asked)

I want to know the answer to this too.

Please, would someone with first-hand experience tell us if iWork 08 (keynote 4, Pages 3, numbers 1) works (at all) in Lion (OS X.7)?

Thanks, any help greatly appreciated.

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