iLife complicated problem


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Aug 30, 2012

The problem i have is a little bit complicated so i'll break it down to points and please stay with me on track

- i had an account signed up on the US App Store (

- this is the email that i used for the AppleID when logging in the first day I recieved my macbook pro running lion

- after 5-6 months when Mountain lion was released, i tried buying it with the above email, but I live in UAE, so it said that the store region doesn't allow me to enter my credit card details.

- as a solution i went to my apple account with the email and CHANGED the email address to another one (lets say, because i dont remember what i changed it to)

- reason why i did tht is so i can make a new AppleID with the email, therefore changing the earlier AppleID to made it possible for me to make a new account with (to neglect any "This email is already in use.")

- i bought mountain lion, installed it everything is fine, been about a month

- just yesterday i went on recovery mode, deleted my entire harddirve to install a new fresh mountain lion for myself (just wanted to clean up)

- when i went to App Store the applications of iLife was in purchases (first picture)

- after i click accept and put in my information, i get an error (second picture)

I tried everything, changing stores, reinstalling again. I even tried calling apple support and they're as confused so they'll call me back after the weekend.

Until then can someone PLEASEEE HELP ME!

Please! i need my programs, this laptop is rightfully mine and i've had it since point 0 fresh of the box and i even opened the plastic layer on top of it!