iLife, Tiger, and complete reinstalls (not a stupid question....promise)

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Abstract, Apr 18, 2005.

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    Is it possible to have a Mac with Tiger and no iLife on it?

    I'm just wondering, because if I did a complete reformat of my HDD before installing Tiger, and lets say I install Tiger on my machine, will there be any iLife apps on my machine, or do I need to install iLife using the system disks that came with my machine when bought it?

    I'm just asking because I have NEVER done a complete format and install when upgrading OSX before, and would find it weird if I didn't have at least iLife on my system.

    And if I have to reinstall all my iLife Apps using the disk that came with my machine, does that mean I have to install all the updates to all the iLife apps since the day I bought my machine? :eek: It sounds like a strange question, but I imagine this would take a long time, and probably a long session, or Repair Disk Permissions multiple times.
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    The only iLife application that Tiger ships with is iTunes (as noted in several other threads).

    You will need to use either your original system restore set to get the iLife applications (and yes you will need to download updates for them, but usually only one for each as they are cumulative) or if you got your machine prior to iLife'05, you could purchase iLife'05 and install the apps from there.The only

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