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    I hear absolutely nothing about new iLife updates. They can all use new features, esp. with book making in iPhoto. More options should be available for customization. iMovies needs work as well. Whats the story here? Has Apple given up on creating great creative software. iAuthor is not mentioned anywhere. This used to be big announcements from Apple every year. Now, its zip.:(
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    Nov 28, 2010
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    Well there is no "iLife" anymore as the apps have been split into separate entities. That said:

    • iPhoto was last updated Dec 11, 2013, will certainly get an update when Yosemite is released, but is otherwise end-of-life and is being replaced with the new Photos app early 2015.
    • iMovie was last updated July 1, 2014, probably to make it work with Yosemite. This was a new version last Fall. If features are inadequate (they took some away) there's always Final Cut Pro X.
    • iTunes is being updated seemingly constantly. It used to be considered part of iLife but now has a life of its own.
    • GarageBand was last updated March 20, 2014. Had a new version last Fall.
    • iBooks Author (there is no "iAuthor") was never considered part of iLife, but was last updated June 17, 2014. It tends to be updated as needed for iBooks feature support.
    • iWeb and iDVD have been discontinued for years as social websites have replaced personal websites for most people and DVD drives have been eliminated from all new Macs.

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