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Feb 29, 2016


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Dec 20, 2016
The SE is a great phone but the X is for a totally different market. One is a budget phone the other is a fashion statement/top of the line phone. Different segments.

All mid-range phones can do what most people need now in a phone. It’s the design that separates them now. Phones have hit a brick wall.
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Oct 16, 2017
Yeah, me too.

I was 50% accurate with typing on the SE at first and now I'm above 90%. I hate smudge-prone glass rears and scratch-prone stainless steel bands.

My daily drivers
LG G5 (Browser), left holster
Apple iPhone SE (Phone) right holster
Motorola Moto E (GPS), car

I now rank SE as my #2 favorite phone over my V20 but still behind my G5.

It's now become my work phone because it is so easy to carry around and Dasher app doesn't need location services turned on to use it.

Just don't like the high SAR and tethering seems easier on Android. No polished chamfered edges but it's like the 4s without it. I don't want the 6s because the SE just looks better.

If Apple decides to put gesture controls for older iPhones via software update, I can use my SE as my daily driver for the rest of the decade.

Would rather buy 7 or 8 SEs at Best Buy than 1 X. At least I can give them away to family and I wouldn't be the only person happy.

Reno Raines

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Jul 19, 2015
I use an SE as my iPod Touch and my I don’t care about it phone. Great phone and still fast on iOS 11. Great for when I am going out and about and don’t want to damage my 8 as I am prone to drop things.
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