Illegal NSTableView data source with Hillegass Code

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by duggram, Jul 1, 2009.

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    Apr 17, 2008
    I'm working on the Speakline exercise in the Hillegass Cocoa Programming book. In Chap. 6 up to page 105. When I run the app I get no values in the table. I do get this error message:

    Illegal NSTableView data source (<AppController: 0x133dd0>). Must implement numberOfRowsInTableView: and tableView:eek:bjectValueForTableColumn:row:

    I have triple checked all code and IB maneuvers. I have checked his web page for errata, there is something unrelated for page 106.

    I downloaded his solutions code. His solution Speakline_B looks nothing like the code in the book at this point.

    I searched the Web for others that may have the same problem. No solutions.

    Any advice on how I can get values to show up in the table? And, eliminate the error code?

    BTW here's my code:

    #import "AppController.h"
    @implementation AppController
    - (id)init
    	[super init];	
    	// create new instance of NSSpeechSynthesizer
    	speechSynth = [[NSSpeechSynthesizer alloc] initWithVoice:nil];
    	[speechSynth setDelegate:self];
    	[tableView setDelegate:self];
    	voiceList = [[NSSpeechSynthesizer availableVoices] retain];
    	return self;
    - (void)speechSynthesizer:(NSSpeechSynthesizer *)sender
    	NSLog(@"complete = %d", complete);
    - (IBAction)sayIt:(id)sender
    	NSString *string = [textField stringValue];
    	// Is the string zero-length
    	if ([string length] == 0) {
    		NSLog(@"string from %@ is of zero-length", textField);
    	[speechSynth startSpeakingString:string];
    	NSLog(@"Have start to say: %@", string);
    	[stopButton setEnabled:YES];
    	[startButton setEnabled:NO];
    - (IBAction) stopIt:(id)sender
    	[speechSynth stopSpeaking];
    	[stopButton setEnabled:NO];
    	[startButton setEnabled:YES];
    - (int)numberOfRowsInTableview:(NSTableView *)tv 
    	return [voiceList count];
    -(id)tableView:(NSTableView *)tv
    		objectValueForTableColumn:(NSTableColumn *)tableColumn
    	NSString *v = [voiceList objectAtIndex:row];
    	NSDictionary *dict = [NSSpeechSynthesizer attributesForVoice:v];
    	return [dict objectForKey:NSVoiceName];
    	//return v;

    #import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
    @interface AppController : NSObject {
    	IBOutlet NSTextField *textField;
    	IBOutlet NSButton *stopButton;
    	IBOutlet NSButton *startButton;
    	IBOutlet NSTableView *tableView;
    	NSArray *voiceList;
    	NSSpeechSynthesizer *speechSynth;
    - (IBAction)sayIt:(id)sender;
    - (IBAction)stopIt:(id)sender;
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    Jun 15, 2000
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    Apr 17, 2008
    I am giantly impressed with Aaron Hillegass. Late yesterday I posted this thread here, sent Aaron a message through his Web site, and went to bed. Soon after that Aaron sent me a message with the solution. Of course I'm embarrassed. But I'm also thankful that Aaron is so good to do what he did. It's been a long time (8+ yrs) since I've done any programming. I just don't have my ways back yet.

    Thank you Aaron for taking the time, and thank you kainjow too,

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