Illustrator's handling of color modes

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by MindBrain, Aug 13, 2008.

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    Hello I was wondering if I have a CMYK illustrator file and then I embed an RBG tiff file in it, is the tiff file converted to CMYK? I've noticed after saving as PDF and then reopening the PDF in Illustrator that it says 2 color modes are being used. I would think if the Illustrator file is set to CMYK all graphics in it would be CMYK as well. Is this correct? Will there be any problem with printing? Thanks
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    Setting a document in Illustator to CMYK, and then importing/pasting a RGB image won't automatically convert the image to CMYK.
    But in the filers menu, you can manually convert anything you've copied & pasted into CMYK. That should fix your problems with exports.
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    Illustrator color modes

    Or, when saving the document as PDF, make sure your output settings are set to "Convert to Destination". This will convert any RGB images to your destination profile.
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    Ok the job had already gone to print and I was worried about it but I saw the printed piece and it turned out ok. Either it got converted to CMYK somewhere along the line or it printed as RGB fine (since I noticed there was no color shift when going between RGB and CMYK in Photoshop. Not sure if this means that the colors in the graphic are such that it can print either way.) Not sure about this though.

    Anyone know any good books or online guides that go into color profiles and the conversion options and such when saving as PDF? Thanks

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