iLogic-Crimes - The Exciting Logic And Brain Game - Now Available On Mac

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    The deduction detective game iLogic-Crimes is a new way of mental exercise with high re-playability. It was #1 iPad Game in several countries. Now iLogic-Crimes is available on Mac.


    iLogic-Crimes it is an exciting and demanding BRAIN-GAME, that combines logical deduction with adventure elements. The developer - Marian Computer Consulting - calls the cutting edge game idea "Quick-Logic-Adventure (QLA)". The game targets specially riddle-, puzzle- and logic-deduction fans, hobby detectives and crime dinner friends.


    The logic deduction detective game is a new way of mental exercise and brain-traning.The innovative gaming idea has high re-playability as every crime is different.

    TRAIN YOUR BRAIN with exciting adventures - in this Quick-Logic-Adventure (QLA) you get quickly the most important facts and can solve the crime by analyzing and clever logical deduction. Solving a crime takes about 10 minutes.

    Be surprised by different crime scenes, like a hacker-attack, theft in a castle, con artist in a holiday resort, bank robbery by an evil-clown, kidnapping of a dog or crime on a masked ball. All suspects have their own little story, here you find quirky and hilarious characters like the marriage swindler Scott Gigolo, the scientist Dr. Frankens or the actress and bikini model Bella Baywotch.

    As a detective question fast and easy suspects, check alibis and decide on a suspect. It's cleverly done with logic being the prevailing force behind you finding your criminal. As the various scenarios unfold so does the difficulty ramp up. There are a multitude of combinations for crimes - the crimes are always different (> 500.000 variants) and create new challenges in every game. With achieving trophies you get access to further crime scenes.

    *) Training of logical thinking, deduction, combination and memory
    *) 20 hilarious and interesting characters
    *) 7 different crime scenes
    *) > 500.000 variations of crimes
    *) good music

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