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    Feb 23, 2012

    My company has developed an universal application for you to track everything about the London Olympics Games, would like to hear from you suggestions for improvement and experience.

    More information see the website of the application or the youtube video below:
    Apple store:

    iLondon 2012 brings all the information you need for the London Olympic Games at 2012, with the updated medal standings and a list of all medals for athletes, calendar of events, list of sports, and news directly from the official website.

    The application works even without Internet access, allowing access to all information and details even when there is no connection available. (The Medal Standing will show the information of the last update, news tab require Internet connection).

    Medals: Ranking of the Medals with a list of all athletes / sports for medal of each country.


    Schedule: Calendar of daily events with highlight the medals events and detail of each event, with the location, date, time and description of the event, and you can schedule a notification at the time of the event.

    Sports: List of sports with the number of athletes, medals, places and dates.

    News: The latest news directly from the official website.

    Best regards,

    Leonardo Mota
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