iLoome ScreenMate Touch: A Smart Screen Protector!

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    The iLoome ScreenMate Touch is a case friendly tempered glass screen protector with .33 mm thickness, 9H hardness, an excellent oleophobic coating…plus something unusual. It has a new feature called SmartTouch: a technology which creates virtual buttons on the left and right side of the home button which operate the left and right iOS navigation buttons. Exactly what the virtual buttons do depends on the application—in the main screen of iOS Mail, for example, they operate the ‘Mailboxes’ (left) and ‘Edit’ (right) buttons. The technology will supposedly only work when you are holding your iPhone—if it is lying on your desk, for example, the virtual button functionality will not work. (At least most of the time. Sometimes, it works, which is puzzling!) Also, the actual button functionality is slightly degraded by having the virtual buttons in place—you have to press slightly harder, or slightly underneath, the actual button sometimes to get a response. The virtual buttons work quite well overall, but keep in mind that you usually have to be holding the phone for them to work.

    Overall, the ScreenMate Touch is a very interesting product. As a screen protector, it performs admirably. The oleophobic coating is excellent, it is reasonably thin at .33 mm, and the case friendly sizing means you shouldn’t have trouble fitting the screen protector with any cases. Application is very easy—assuming the screen is properly cleaned, any bubbles disappear quickly and easily. The SmartTouch feature is intriguing—you are going to be happiest with it if you use your iPhone primarily in a handheld fashion. If you use it frequently while it is lying down (i.e., not held in your hand), the virtual buttons will generally not work, and the slight impedance to the actual top left and right navigation buttons may be more irritating to you.





    1. SmartTouch feature is really cool and works quite well.

    2. Basic screen protector is very good. Oleophobic coating and optical clarity are excellent, it has 9H hardness and it is .33 mm thick.

    3. Installation is smooth and easy. Lining up the screen protector is the only tricky part. Bubbles are few and easily removed.

    4. Case friendly design means you shouldn’t have any trouble using this with most cases.


    1. SmartTouch only works reliably when the phone is held in the hand. When it is not, it generally doesn't work, but sometimes it does...which is surprising!

    2. Peeling back a corner of the screen protector to remove dust specks or fibers does not work well and may result in that corner failing to re-adhere properly.

    3. Actual top left and right iOS nav buttons are slightly more difficult to press when the screen protector is installed.


    The ScreenMate Touch is definitely an interesting product, but be sure you understand its quirks before purchasing it. It is available directly from iLoome or from Amazon—the price at the time of this review was $24.99.

    Here are my YouTube videos:

    Overall review:

    Install video:


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    I agree! I thought the same thing when I read about it on iLoome's site. I think the Halo Back only had one smart button, though, and this has two.

    It's an interesting product, particularly for someone who usually uses their phone in a handheld fashion. I often have mine lying on a desk or table next to me, and it is hard to get used to virtual buttons that work when the phone is held, but which don't work (usually) when the phone is lying down. I guess I'm rigid!


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