I'm confused with iCloud ?

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    Ok I will start by saying that my MPB crashed and I had not backed it up with all my music apps and most important all my photos. I was able to get all my photos off my iPad with a app called Photo Transfer that worked great. Ok here is were I'm confused I'm using the iCloud now to back up and sync my iPad. So at this point there is no need to plug my iPad into my computer to sync right but what about photos i have downloaded from the web, how are those added to my iPad, I'm assuming ill need to plug my iPad into the computer to transfer them ? Now i have not re downloaded all my apps or videos and music in iTunes on my newly reformatted MPB, should I do that or no need because iCloud syncs all my apps so in other words if i had to do a restore on my iPad with iCloud all my stuff is there with out plugging it into my computer and sync from that ? Sorry, thanks...
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    Mar 30, 2008
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    No, iCloud doesn't backup all your stuff. If you want to save your music and videos, you need to transfer them using a third party app like you did with your photos. Basically, iCloud isn't a backup service, it's more of a sync service. It does backup your iPad's data and settings, but that's all it backs up. Your media, music and apps aren't backed up. Apps get redownloaded from the app store, if you have bought music from iTunes store, they can be redownloaded too, but if you have music from other sources, then those aren't backed up. Some videos can be redownloaded but othes can't, depending on which film / tv studio owns them... In other words, it's a big mess!
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    Sounds like a nightmare.
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    It's actually not. I've had my iDevices replaced and I can leave the Apple Store with the same info on my devices as they were when I got there. It's an extremely easy process.

    The videos part is only movies. TV shows can all be re-downloaded and most movies can be too. I think Fox is the only major studio left that doesn't support iTunes in the Cloud and apparently they are coming soon.

    Also when you restore from iCloud all of your email, contacts, pictures, apps, app data, settings and purchases from iTunes are automatically restored.

    I'm now at the point that my iPad and iPhone do not even sync with iTunes.

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