I'm Currently in China & Could Use Some Help w/ The Internets, Please.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by HappyDude20, Mar 15, 2011.

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    About 3 weeks ago I created a thread in this Community Discussion section titled, "Would You Get Up & Fly Away?" Well, it turns out I did and am now in the city of Xingtai in the heart of China.

    The trip is going quite well, with every new day presenting something new.

    I live in a nice house with a few others and we've just gotten internet a few days ago. Getting internet was a big deal for us foreigners and the locals living here, considering we saw workers literally digging up trenches to get the internet cable from a nearby school rerouted to our house, in this developing city. The house that we're staying at itself is quite new, only having been completed less than 3 months ago...with the 3rd floor still being built!

    But here's the deal.

    1. I obviously can't access FaceBook or YouTube, alongside other sites such as Twitter, Hulu & NetFlix..oh, and the Mac App Store. I've heard VPN's are the way to go, and i'd even be willing to pay if thats what it came down to, though of course i'd prefer to keep the price as low as possible. Of all the sites I mentioned, FaceBook would be the most important, considering an array of folks' back home want to see photos and my overall progress here in China. That's my first hurdle I need to somehow overcome.

    2. Secondly, I need to jailbreak my iPod Touch. The day of my flight to China back on 3/1, I accidentally pushed Restore in iTunes and my iPod Touch completely erased and I did not have time to rejailbreak it back in the states considering I had to catch the flight in a matter of minutes. On my Mac, the one I'm currently typing on has GreenPois0n, and have managed to get the green Loader app on my iPod, though have never been successful in downloading the Cydia app from within. In order words, I don't have Cydia and feel like i'm one step away from getting it. I've Googled "RedSn0w" in hopes of being able to download it but it seems that website is blocked as well here.

    Overall, most of the internet I know of back home is non-existent here. Gmail and any of Google's services take multiple attempts to get into...so i've had to stop using my FireFox Gmail Offline services and use Apple's native Mail app...which I enjoy using, and am sure will become my permanent home when Lion comes out this summer. But I don't want to digress...

    1. I need to access FaceBook and YouTube (I have a ton of videos I'd love to upload and send back home)

    2. Perhaps more importantly, I need to JB my iPod Touch.

    I"m not sure why when in the "Loader" app on my iPod Touch Cydia doesn't download...i've tried and tried with no success, which leads to believe (and hope) that RedSn0w will work...or if there is a manual method of installing Cydia to my iPod Touch when the iPod is connected directly to my Mac?

    Community, thank you for taking the few minutes you did to read this thread. :apple:
  2. Seo macrumors regular

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    Blocked, censored, blocked, blocked, and blocked - welcome to China.

    Your only hope is through a VPN service. Sign up for something like StrongVPN (I recommend it, works all the time).
  3. AJ.G macrumors member

    Jul 26, 2010
    hello fellow expat,
    i live up in beijing, though i know what its like to live in the heart of rural china. Its fun for a while, but as youll soon find out, it can get annoying... anywayz,
    about the internet, there are loads of VPN servers, or contracts, or whatevers you can pay for, they all do the same, and they all work, though some have better "packages" than others (e.g. multiple connections, or iphone/itouch connectivity)
    if you dont feel like paying, you can do what i do, which is simply use hotspot shield. Which "shields" ur IP adress, putting to side the great firewall of china.
    Or you can use www.vtunnel.com, though Facebook doesnt render properly, and youtube videos wont load.

    Ive never really had problems jailbreaking my itouch out here, so i cant really help on that one.
    Whats weird is that you stated google mail doesnt work? hmm... mine seems to be working fine, and the mac app store definately works on my mac..
    maybe just re-download it?

    have fun,
    and all the best on your adventure,

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    I will go ahead and redownload the Mac App Store, can't believe I didn;t think of doing that.

    As for the Vtunnel link, thank you. I'm on the home page but the loading is slow, so we'll see.

    However, you did mention hotspot shield, of which in all honesty I don't know anything about and was hoping you would elaborate. Of course i'll continue to research on my own, though sometimes it is easier to have things broken down a bit to rid the confusion. :D:D
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    Jul 13, 2008
    Los Angeles, Ca
    I just wanted to say thank you for the help you've provided AJ.

    Earlier today in Xingtai I visited a local WiFi Cafe and downloaded Cydia, which took 20 minutes to simply download it.

    Needless to say, the internet at the house i'm currently in is def. restricted. But nevertheless am Jailbroken are can finally download my beloved applications such as locktopus and DisplayOut.

    I just have to make sure not to upgrade to 4.3 and to not restore anytime soon while im in China for these next 2 months.

    Once again, thank you.

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