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    I'm looking for a solution that is able to take all open windows and put them next to each other, that means resizing and repoistion them on the monitor.

    Ie, like Mission Control but "live windows" instead.

    Some bonus features would be:
    - Split only the frontmost application windows.
    - Split all visible windows.
    - Split all windows, even if they belong to a hidden application.
    - Resize the windows proportionally to their current size.

    I have played along with BetterSnapTool, but I can't find this feature.

    Any suggestions?

    Edit: Exchanged "Exposé" with "Mission Control"
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    Thanks, but I have looked at Moom and it's not what I'm looking for.
    Moom has a couple of predefined areas that you can attach windows to. It may work good in one application at some occasions, but you have to attach them manually.

    I think a replacement for Mission Control is what I'm looking for.
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