Im moving and need help and tips

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by eric55lv, Feb 2, 2008.

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    Aug 5, 2007
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    Due to the morgae crsis my mom and dad said it was a perfect time to move due to house price plunging it 5 bedroom and 4 bath but im moving far away from my house that im living in now and many of my friends houses but im still going to be in Las Vegas and I have moved in 2006 but forgot a lot of that experence (that was the first time moving)so tip comments(NOTE:The new house is going to be in Moutains Edge in Las Vegas
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    It sounds like maybe you are going to a different school after you move and will miss your friends.

    If you're still in school and will go to a new school after you move, it can be a bad feeling at first. Talk about it with your pals and people in your family, even a school counselor. It's better to talk about it than just to feel bad. And maybe you will get more excited about the new place as time goes on. Wherever you go you can always make new friends and keep in touch with old ones by writing to them, emailing, visiting during weekends and so on.

    Try to help by getting your own stuff boxed up in your room ahead of time. If you box things up neatly then people won't throw stuff away that you wanted to keep. Start with things you don't use every day like probably DVDs and CDs and most of your books. Pack up clean clothes you're not using now, put them into duffle bags, boxes or plastic bins. Get some laundry marking pens and labels so you can identify your own boxes. Just put your name on them so people know to put them into your room in the new place on moving day. Help out your mom and dad after you get your own stuff organized. Good luck!
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    Also, stack boxes from heaviest to lightest.

    Trust me on this. :(
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    Are you looking for info about reconnecting your internet? It should be pretty basic, the phone or cable company will probably do it in advance so that everything's working in the new place before you move in.

    Personally, I would insist that I move my computer stuff, there's nothing worse than opening up a box and finding that the power cord is missing.

    As far as friends are concerned, that's always tough but look at is as an opportunity to make new ones. Get to know your neighborhood. Nothing worse than getting lost near your own home!

    Good luck! It sounds like the house is a nice one.
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    During your hectic move, don't forget to stop and use a period every once in a while. :D
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    first off, please use sentences. and second, please specify about the tips and help that you need. there are alot of parameters that come with moving (i'm a veteran myself), but it sounds like you are staying in the city. i would see if there is a possibility to stay at the school you go to now (it's possible, i've done it a few times) via waivers or something like that. that's all i can give now, in city moves are nothing like packing up and going halfway cross country though.
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    Everyone knows that Eric doesn't like using periods.:p

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    I've moved a few times.

    Basically anything valuable or that you will need right away obviously don't put in the moving truck. Know what you're allowed to put in the moving truck so its not a surprise when they say no to some things.

    When putting items in boxes, do not use newspaper as padding. The ink can bleed off and dirty the items. Wrap the items with the blank newsprint like paper and then use newspaper to fill in the gaps in between the items.

    Make sure your moving people know how to disassemble the legs of your antique baby grand piano before they nearly break the legs of with a hammer.

    Treat your moving people nicely, I've heard stories from moving people that some people treat them like slaves i.e. not feeding them or when they ask for a drink the person tells them there is a hose out back.

    Make sure the movers don't traipse mud onto your new white carpets.

    Make sure the movers know which room is which, and if they don't speak good english put up signs. My mom lost a box of our childhood pictures for years because the polish mover did not know the difference between attic and basement.

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